She loves the spiritual release of drumming, strumming, and dancing round a fire. He loves to spin balls of flame! 

Magical is just the beginning of how I would describe the love between Neff and Ben. From even before they met, she says it was kismet – she had selected stones of intention, and just 24 hours later they met at a mutual friend’s birthday bash. He was sitting at the kitchen table, she was making a beeline for the cupcake decorating station, and they literally crashed into one another. 

Their first date was to a Caribbean restaurant (in honor of Neff’s heritage), and then Ben took her to Clifton Mill because she had mentioned how much she loved Christmas lights. His attentiveness is one of the things she loves most about him – as well as his warm smile, bright eyes, and his passion.

“You’ve seen the raw depths of my soul, and you’re not afraid”

Neff, about Ben

He even proposed on Christmas, with a Beltane crown and a beautiful moonstone ring.

Their romantic winter engagement session was just as magical as their love story – and of course they chose the location of their first date to commemorate this moment in their journey together. The weather worked out perfectly with a fresh clean layer of snow, a beautiful cloudless day, and just the right temperature for cozying up together!

Ben loves Neff’s calm and steady demeanor, her love of all things fantasy and faerie, and her eagerness to try new things. Together they love attending concerts and festivals, walking in nature, and kayaking.

You can just see in the way they laugh, the way they look at each other, that these two are deeply and utterly in love. Their intimate wedding this spring at Glen Helen preserve is going to be an amazing festival of love, of music, and the magic of nature.